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Jeff’s Pest Control Service: Premium Bed Bug Removal in Redding, CA

Once thought to be associated with run-down homes and apartments, bed bugs are making a comeback in a big way. Transported from movie theaters, airplanes, hotels, and buses, bed bugs have made their way into well-kept homes. They’re pesky critters, and they are incredibly difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, Jeff’s Pest Control Service possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience and is armed with a foolproof method for bed bug removal in Redding, CA.

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We Offer Three Flexible Service Plans

We believe in providing superior service to our customers. We want your pest control experience to be as smooth as possible. That’s why we offer flexible service plans tailored to the needs of each individual customer.

  • Bi-Monthly (6 regular services a year)
  • Monthly (12 regular services a year)

With our Bi-Monthly and Monthly year around service programs we offer our COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE GUARANTEE if any treated pest invade your home between services, call us, we’ll come back to take care of the problem at no extra charge.

  • One-Time Service *

* One- Time services carry 30-day guarantee

  • We offer Veteran and Senior Discounts
  • Pre-Notification at no additional charge
  • No Start up Fee (with a one year agreement)
  • We place a protective barrier around your home
  • We Sweep the Webs (where accessible)
  • We offer multiple unit discounts
  • We have a referral program where you can receive 50% a regular service
  • We offer a free quote
  • We do partial services (3 month minimum)
Jeff’s Pest Control Service is proud to have been voted Best Pest Control Service Of The North State 8 times. Thank you to our loyal customers who believe in and voted for us, and to our dedicated staff who make it happen.

Half Off First Service with One-Year Service Agreement