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We Use Integrated Pest Management to Successfully Eradicate Pests

Jeff’s Pest Control Service believes in thorough and complete pest removal. Redding, CA clients trust us to get the results they need because mice in their home are unsanitary and gross, and restaurant owners risk losing their business due to a cockroach infestation. Living with a pest infestation isn’t an option. Jeff’s Pest Control Service is a trusted source for pest removal. Redding, CA clients trust us before our methods get results.

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Introducing Integrated Pest Management for Pest Removal in Redding

Shooting first and asking questions later gets poor results. We don’t do that. Instead, we use an innovative approach called Integrated Pest Management that systematically removes pests step by step. Pesky critters won’t know what hit them. Whether its indomitable cockroaches or scurrying mice, we’ve got the weapons needed to evict unwanted tenants once and for all.

Integrated Pest Removal: Redding’s Finest Pest Removal Method

Under the Integrated Pest Management approach, removing an infestation is a five-step process. You may not think so, but just like us, pests are living organisms with basic biological needs and vulnerabilities. Integrated Pest Management deprives pests of those needs, removes their shelter, and systematically targets their weaknesses before introducing pesticides into the equation.

  • Cultural control: All insects require the same needs we do: Food, water, and shelter. Cultural pest management involves depriving pests of those needs through aggressive sanitation.
  • Physical Control:  We do an inspection of the facility locating any entry points where rodents or pest may enter the structure or areas inside that could be a refuge for cockroaches or other insects.
  • Mechanical control: We use bait and traps for rodent control as opposed to poison. Cockroach control often includes sticky traps and chemical control.
  • Biological control: This method involves introducing a predator into the environment where the infestation is to help control it.
  • Chemical control: We believe this should be the last resort. However, when needed, we will use pesticides to control the infestation.

Contact Us Today for Thorough Pest Removal in Redding

Cockroaches, ants, mice, or spiders. Infestations can cause anxiety and even ruin businesses. If laying traps and attempting pest removal on your own hasn’t helped, it may be time to trust Jeff’s Pest Removal. Contact us today to get started.

Jeff’s Pest Control Service is proud to have been voted Best Pest Control Service Of The North State 8 times. Thank you to our loyal customers who believe in and voted for us, and to our dedicated staff who make it happen.

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